Livingston Lodge’s Purpose

Livingston Lodge No. 160 provides an opportunity for men of good character to develop true friendships, practice and learn from ancient traditions and ceremonies, and improve the lives of others through acts of compassion and charity. 

Purpose and Values of Freemasonry

Belief: Freemasons believe in the brotherhood of man, under the fatherhood of God. Freemasonry isn’t a religion, but it does require its members to have faith in a Supreme Being, according to the individual Mason’s belief. 

Morality: Freemasons believe in honor and that a man has a responsibility to behave honorably in everything he does. Freemasonry teaches its members the principles of personal decency and personal responsibility. It hopes to inspire them to have charity and goodwill toward all mankind, and to translate principles and convictions into action.

Equality: Freemasonry regards no man for his worldly wealth, social status, or outward appearance. Men of all walks have been and are among our ranks. 

Charity: Freemasonry is devoted to the promotion of the welfare and happiness of all mankind. Freemasonry teaches its members that unselfishness is a duty and that it’s not only more blessed to give than to receive but also more rewarding.

Education: Freemasonry teaches a system of morality and brotherhood through the use of symbols and dramatic presentations. It encourages its members to expand their knowledge of the world around them.

These values are basic to the lasting harmony of our lodges and our Masonic fraternity.

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