Livingston Lodge 

No. 160

Free & Accepted Masons

Hammond, Louisiana

The Purpose of Freemasonry...

To raise intellectual and spiritual consciousness, to promote a way of life that strengthens the family and the human community, to provide a fraternal environment that unites men of every country, sect, and opinion and conciliate true friendship among those who might have otherwise remained at a perpetual distance.

The History of Livingston Lodge

In the early months of 1858, eleven men joined together to establish a Lodge of Free & Accepted Masons in the town of Springfield, Louisiana. With the belief in God and aiming towards a better moral station in themselves, these men laid the foundation for Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth that exists in Livingston Lodge to this day. Over the span of 160 years, Livingston Lodge has initiated men into the degrees of Freemasonry through a course of moral instruction which uses both allegories and symbols to teach its lessons.

The Officers of Livingston Lodge

W. Bro.: Jaylon Wilde, Worshipful Master

Bro.: Morris Mashon, Senior Warden

Bro.: Ralph Earnest Jr., Junior Warden

Bro.: Miguel Colina, Treasurer

W. Bro.: Fred Borstel, Secretary

W. Bro.: Sid Wilde, Chaplain

Bro.: Todd Morse, Tyler


W. Bro.: Flint Hollars, Senior Deacon

Bro.: Jared Smith, Junior Deacon

Bro.: Joe Campbell, Master of Ceremonies

W. Bro.: Brandon Smith, Marshal

W. Bro.: Dwain McCray, Senior Steward

W. Bro.: Josh Pecoraro, Junior Steward


Becoming a Freemason

The values a Mason should live by:
Belief in a Supreme Being
Remain open-minded to learn and stay on Masonry’s path to moral goodness
Relate to other Masons on an equal basis, i.e., on the level
Avoid belittling others to enhance your own stature
Avoid contention and arguments
Strive for honesty, fidelity, integrity, tolerance, fair dealing, and charity
Respect for labor – craftsmanship, dedication, skill, and intelligence
These values are basic to the lasting harmony of our lodges and our Masonic fraternity.

If you believe in these ideals and are a man over the age of eighteen (18), complete this form to be contacted.