Temple Maintenance Plan

Current Projects Out to Bid


  • Permit filed with the city
  • Working on formal bid from the contractor, which may change if the city requires different scope


Tyler’s Room

  • Received bid to replace shoddy trim work, stain beadboard and trim, extend tile flooring down the hallway to the dining hall (wood floor would be pulled up to use in the Lodge room when we refinish flooring)


Workday Projects

Elevator Room

  • Remove pictures from walls
  • Re-hang electrical panel door, paint
  • Fit missing crown molding, caulk, paint
  • Fit missing door casing, caulk, paint
  • Cut hole for a/c vent above closet door & install vent
  • Put rubber/felt under display case legs
  • Replace broken glass pane on display case (have glass company quote this when onsite for other project)
  • Touch up wall paint
  • Scrape paint from transom window



  • Replace chandelier with dome light
  • Sand and clean handrails and beaded board (prepping for stain)
  • Discard old sign in desk
  • Install caps and riser plates on exposed stairs


Dining Hall

  • Install missing light cover (need to purchase)
  • Install faux wood blinds (off-white)
  • Re-paint stucco
  • Replace tablecloths
  • Install 4” wood backsplash on countertop
  • Source and hang past master frames
  • Replace cracked windowpane (have glass company look at it while completing other project)



  • Replace hot water heater with tank-less unit
  • Secure washing machine to countertop


Women’s Bathroom

  • Replace toilet with handicap accessible model
  • Install handicap railing
  • Install divider for privacy
  • Install baseboards
  • Install mirror



  • Replace linoleum flooring
  • Paint interior of elevator
  • Paint exterior doors to the middle chamber


Tyler’s Room

  • Strip and paint elevator door
  • Paint closet door
  • Install socket and switch covers
  • Install glass in doors



  • Rehang Lodge sign on Morrison
  • Rework entrance door wording (OES meeting date/time wrong, add website address, add S&C)
  • Replace all burnt out light bulbs around building, replace wrong temperature bulbs to match
  • Hang Tyler sword in Tyler’s Room
  • Declutter kitchen cabinets
  • Hang missing past master pictures and add names/dates
  • Declutter hallway to prep room
  • Fix square on WM podium
  • Fix WM chair
  • Replace missing paneling at rear lodge door
  • Declutter the middle chamber
  • Reinforce emergency handrails – rusting out at bottom of railing at the top of the stairs
  • Assess the roof condition
  • Relocate the awning frames until the Lodge decides how to proceed


Other Projects Identified – Not in the Queue Until Completing Above, IF Finances Allow AND if approved by the Lodge

Lodge Flooring

  • Refinish flooring throughout the building. This can be done in sections or all at once.


Wood Paneling

  • The committee does not have a recommendation to address the walls of the Lodge at this time, but a decision will need to be made prior to refinishing the flooring. If, for example, the Lodge decided to remove the wood paneling in lieu of sheetrock or to return to the original walls, it is highly likely that the refinished flooring would be damaged.


Men’s Bathroom

  • Remove addition built in the 90’s to return to the original two bathrooms


Apron Closet

  • Finish out the apron closet to be an independent space for the apron case, officer jewels, and a hat rack


Dining Hall / Stairwell Window

  • Reopen the window looking into the stairwell from the dining hall, which would require casing the frame to accommodate the wood paneling that sits off the wall


Moving the Past Master pictures

  • Reinstalling the picture frames to a wall in the building that will have enough space for more frames AND somewhere that will protect the pictures from the sun (currently washing out several pictures)